Essential Oil Sleep Spray


"I personally have used many essential oils, but my favorite is lavender," says Sisco. "I use lavender oil mixed with water in a spray bottle on my pillow to promote restful sleep. This technique migh…

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Spray this gentle infusion of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils on your pillow at night to reduce an anxious mind and aid …

KIDS' EASY DIY RECIPE: Sleep Spray/Linen Sprayimproving the quality of sleep is possible. Organic lavender and chamomile essential oils reduce anxiety and calm the body for quality rest. Spray onto a pillow, diffuse into the bedroom, use in the b…

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Add the salt to your bottle and then add the essential oil. 2. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with water. Shake well before using. Give your pillow a spray or two each and every night for sound s…

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click here to get a free printable of my essential oil sleep spray label and recipe . Here’s the essential oil sleep spray recipe one more time: This website contains affiliate links. This means that should you click on certain links, and then subsequently purchase a product, I will receive a small commission.

DIY Essential Oil Recipe for Sleep Spray We have shared a few of our favorite sleep essential oil blends , but feel free to use your own favorite essential oil for sleep. Lavender oil is always a go-to for relaxing, which works well for sleep.

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Also called the pillow mist, it is a scented spray that is sprayed on the pillow before sleeping, for aromatherapy. It is very relaxing and helps you get a restful sleep. One can use … glass utensil …


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